an adventure begins.

isn't this little fella cute??

as many of you know, i am headed off to mozambique, africa in 70 some odd days. i can't help but begin to think about what i will get to see, do, and embark on. 

i've never been on an international flight. 
or had to sleep under a mosquito net. 
anyone care to teach me portugese or zulu? 

this is an immense challenge for me, simply learning to trust in the Only One worthy of our hearts.  but Jesus is going to do big things, i can feel it.

please continue to keep this journey in your thoughts and prayers. i have never been told i have to raise $3500 in two months, but to tell you the truth, i'm somewhat excited. excited to watch it happen, and excited to prove people wrong. especially myself. 

look to this blog for fairly frequent updates of the before, during, and afters of my trip to mozambique and where i stand financially. 

if you would consider helping in any way, the details are below:

-pray. pray. pray.
-let's talk about it.
-request a support letter.
-make your check payable to Heartland Community Church & write "HEMI/Mozambique" on the memo line.
-mail your check to:

Heartland Community Church
Attn: Mozambique
8301 Lamar
Overland Park, KS 66207

*all donations are tax deductible by law

more to come...
eternally grateful.