we call her "hawa".

as i sit here with one of our 3 year old malnourished aids babies literally in my lap, screaming her lungs out to no avail, i write to you all with the hope that God is doing big things in your heart like he is doing in mine. i hope that He asks you to step out of your comfort zone at some point in life, and i hope you are obedient, dispite your fears and the discouragement that will inevitably come your way. 
while she is 3, she is smaller than the size of most 1 year old babies. she hasn't stopped crying for 20 minutes now, and although i feel helpless, i am filled with great love and compassion, for she has suffered many a painful doctor visit, with needles and prodding invasions, encountered abandonment far greater than even i can fathom, and has vomitted and diarehiaed out her potent medication in quantities that seem impossible coming from someone of her size and stature.

in my eyes, there are no greater heroes than the little ones that roam the streets of africa, particularly mozambique. by the age of two, they've endured far more than many of us will endure in ten lifetimes. so i tell you these things not to exploit her or others, but to share a glimpse of their story. 

i ask today that you just stop in this moment, wherever you are, in whatever it is that is keeping you busy, and simply pray. 

pray for the lost souls in this country. pray for the corrupt government that takes until there is nothing left to take. pray for these children, who smile despite the evil they endure. pray for our team, that we do not grow weary in these final days. and pray that your own heart would be changed and drawn to such a virally urgent movement. 

with much love, 


Heather said...

Suzy, you have been on my heart so much in the past month. I have prayed for you often and can't wait to hear the great things God has done in and through you. You have such a beautiful heart and I pray you are encouraged today knowing that you have been prayed for by SO many people over the past few weeks and months.

Much love, Heather

Emily said...

Wow Suz- awesome to hear from you.