the hiatus is up.

i'll leave you hanging there...

...or give you a bit of a teaser, because i'm simply too excited! get ready for a new title, a new look & layout, and a new philosophy on all things interior design, culinary arts, fashion styling, typography, graphic design, photography, writing, event planning, and so much more.

why hone in on one art when you love so many? i see no good reason.

it's true; i'm about to unleash the writer you and i both never new existed in myself, and you can thank all of my recent life experiences, side-jobs and "careers", failures and successes, triumphs and let-downs, loves and heartaches, planned travels and spontaneous finds, new life and death, and so much more.

call it a quarter-life crisis, (and yes, i will be decorating my very own lovely and fabulous 3-tier birthday cake, and it will involve edible pearls), or simply deem it a way to document my life. either way, know that i desire to look back on it all and be well-pleased, knowing i lived life to the full, and hopefully inspired others to do the same thing along the way.

be sure to stay-tuned for all the sweetness, (take that literally: i'm also going to have a taste-testing party between friends to help me decide on my final cake flavors!), and invite your own friends to join me for the ride. it may just be a crazy one.

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