gas pumping/yard sale fundraisers.

wow. where do i even begin? 

the most obvious place would be addressing the amount of money i've raised recently, but i'd rather address all of the people who have helped me in that task. the following are the names of the ladies who stepped-up to help serve God in these fundraising efforts: 

sheri, anna, melissa, karen, jenny, elizabeth, katie, lexi, karen, katie kozol, mallory, kim, heather, erika, jaclyn, katie kindler, kate sunken, katie bruto, kaylee s., kaylee j., lisa, michele, denise, sarah jeter, andrea goss, drea richardson, brandy, haley, and any others that i'm unfortunately forgetting right now. 

thank you for being the kind of women who are so willing to help your sisters in Christ. you are so selfless for giving up your afternoons to receive nothing in return. i know God is so pleased with His good and faithful servants. 

also, a big THANK YOU to those of you who donated clothing, shoes, and home decor to the yard sale--it was such a success, and we even have left-over clothes (name brand) that we are selling to "play-to's closet"; the rest, we plan to donate to the thrift store here in town. 

now is the time to address monetary information:
with the yard sale and  2 gas pumping fundraisers we did, we raised a total of $1280. this means melissa and i each got approximately $640---amazing!

seriously, i'm in awe of how God provides for us when we have no expectations, and don't limit His abilities.

eternally grateful,


x3xjessicalee said...


I'm home!!!!!


x3xjessicalee said...

So, this is my first night home in 11 months, and lets face it... I'm slightly excited to be able to turn around and see your smiley face on the couch watching... well, whatever you're watching. I love you dearly sister... really, I do.

Thank you for all the support.

your sister,
jessica lee